Here at Prénom, we believe that striving for full sustainability is an essential part of establishing a brand. As for now, to ensure that our practices do minimal damage to the environment, we source sustainable leather and highest quality hardware, produce domestically, and keep our stocks low. Our pieces are durable and will proudly serve you for years to come.

Leather sourcing:
We chose to source leather from LWG (Leather Working Group – an international organization that is an advocate for sustainable and conscious practices within the leather industry) certified tanneries in Italy. As a company, we stand against animal cruelty as the leather we work with is a by-product of the food industry. We also do not use any kind of exotic leather. Our partner tanneries operate in exclusively eco-friendly ways, be it a zero/minimal-impact on the environment, reducing carbon footprint or using only renewable resources. To further cut CO2 emissions, we receive our leather by ground transport, rather than by plane, as well as produce pieces domestically.

Final products:

We selected the highest quality leather and hardware to ensure that our pieces are long-lasting. Our goods will not only stand through the seasons, but also remain stylish. We seek to not limit ourselves to trends just to stay relevant. Silhouettes are chic, modern, yet timeless.

Lastly, to reduce product waste, we intentionally keep our stocks low, and will refill them as we see fit.